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1. She sells sea shells on the seashore, and shells she sells on the seashore are all sea shells I am sure.她在海边卖海贝壳,她在海边卖的贝壳是海贝壳,我敢肯定。2. Six silly sisters sell silk to six sickly senior citizens.六个傻乎乎的姐妹把丝绸卖给了六位病歪歪的老年市民。3. Canners can can what they can can but can't can things can't be canned.罐头工人把他们能够制成罐头的东西制成罐头但是不能把无法制成罐头的东西制成罐头。4. Ten tiny tortoises tried to talk to twenty timid toads.10只小乌龟试着和20只羞怯的癞蛤蟆聊天。5. Good cookies could be cooked by a good cook if a good cook could cook good cookies.如果一位好厨师能够做好家常小甜饼的话,那么好的家常小甜饼是能够由这个厨师做出来的。6. The rat-catcher that can't catch caught rats is not necessarily a bad rat-catcher.捕不到已被逮住的老鼠的捕鼠器并不见得是不好的捕鼠器。7. A writer named Wright was instructing his little son how to write Wright right. He said,” It’s not right to write Wright as 'rite'--try to write Wright aright!"一个名叫赖特的作家正在指导他年幼的儿子怎样把赖特先生的姓写对。他说:“把赖特写成‘仪式’是不对的,要尽量把赖特写正确。8. Jenny and Jimmy went to Jamaica and Germany in January, but Joan and John went to Jordan and Japan in June and July./x7f 詹尼和吉米一月份去了牙买加和德国,而琼和约翰在六月份和七月份起了约旦和日本。9. A cricket critically cricked at a critical cricket match, and so this cricket quitted the cricket match quickly.一只蟋蟀在一场关键的斗蟀比赛中发生了严重痉挛,这只蟋蟀很快退出了比赛。10Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.彼得派泊把他父母腌制的泡菜辣椒取出来很多,并且把它们放在了一个大只纸盘里。11. A Finnish fisher named Fisher failed to fish any fish one Friday afternoon and finally he found out a big fissure in his fishing-net.一个名叫费希尔的芬兰捕鱼人在一个星期五的下午未能捕到任何鱼,结果他发现他的渔网上有一个大裂口。12. Bill had a billboard, and Bill also had a board bill. The board bill bored Bill, so that Bill sold the billboard to pay his board bill. So after Bill sold his billboard to pay for his board bill, the bill no longer bored Bill.比尔有一个广告牌,比尔也有一份伙食账单。这伙食账单使比尔感到烦恼。因此比尔把广告牌卖掉去支付他的伙食帐。结果,在比尔卖掉了广告牌付了他的伙食帐以后,伙食帐不再使比尔发愁了。13. Bill’s big brother is building a beautiful building between the two big brick blocks.比尔的哥哥正在两大排房子之间建造一座漂亮的房子。14. There are thirty thousand feathers on that thrush’s throat.那只的鸫颈部长着三万根羽毛15. A flea and a fly were trapped in a flue, and they tried to flee for their life. The flea said to the fly "Let's flee!" and the fly said to the flea "Let's fly!" Finally both the flea and fly managed to flee through a flaw in the flue. 一只跳蚤和一只苍蝇被诱进了一根管子里,它们竭力逃命。跳蚤对苍蝇说:“我们逃吧!”苍蝇对跳蚤说:“咱们飞吧!”最后,跳蚤和苍蝇设法通过那管子的一个裂缝逃走了。16. Please, Paul, pause for applause. 保罗,请停一停,鼓鼓掌吧!17. Well, tell me this :Does a doctor doctors another doctor the way the doctored doctor wants to be doctored, or does the doctor do the doctoring to doctor the other doctor in his own way? 喂,请告诉我这个:一个医生对另外一个医生诊治的办法是那位被诊治的医生所希望被诊治的那样呢,还是这个做诊治的医生用的是他自己的办法对另外那个医生予以诊治?18. Can you say these simple words very quickly :"What’s that?"Where? What?""There! That!"你能够很快说出这些简单的用语吗?“那是什么?”“哪里,什么?”“那儿,那个!”19. Franc's father is frying French fries for his five fire-fighters friends after they finished a fire-fighting in a factory. 在结束了对一家工厂的灭火战斗以后,弗兰克的父亲在为他的五个消防队员朋友炸薯条。20. Mr. Black likes to keep that kind of clock on his oak-desk. 布莱尔先生喜欢在他的栎木写字台上摆放那样的钟。21. Badmin was able to beat Bill at billiards but Bill always beat Badmin badly at badminton. 巴德明在台球上能够打败比尔,但是羽毛球上比尔打败巴德明。22. "Shall I show you the shop for shoes and shirts?"Shirley said to Shelly. “我带你去逛卖鞋子和衬衣的商店好吗?”雪莉对谢利说。23. Will you come in? He’s swimming in the river with Tim. 你请进,他正在跟蒂姆在河里游泳。24. He sent ten men to mend the dent in the engine’s tender. 他派了十个人去修理机车头的煤水车的凹陷。25. The eggs he sells everyday are better than everybody else sells. 他每天卖的鸡蛋比别的任何人卖的都要好一些。26. Ask at the next grass path that you pass. 在你要经过的下一条草路上问一问。27. Where is the watch I put in my pocket to take to the shop because it had stopped? 表停了,我放在衣服的口袋里,准备拿到店里去修的,可现在到哪儿去了?28. These trees have been beaten by the breeze. 微风一直吹拂着树林。29. Bob bought a big bag of bread and butter to bait the bear’s babies. 鲍勃买了一大袋面包和黄油去逗小熊宝宝。30. Do you agree, if you are free, to come to tea with me by the sea你同意吗?如果你有空,到海边一起去喝茶??以上就是小编给你们整理的365体育投注官方网_365体育投注娱乐场网址_新365体育投注绕口令了,快快学起来吧!